Public Notice: Town Hall on the Formation Of A Graham County Jail District

The Graham County Board of Supervisors will be holding a Town Hall on September 2, 2014, September 15, 2014 and October 7, 2014 at different times and locations to hear public comment on the formation of a Graham County Jail District. September 2, 2014 at 6:00 p.m., General Services Bldg. … [Read more...]

Early Voting Ballot Request Form

To request an early ballot for the upcoming General Election please complete this form.   … [Read more...]

NEWS FLASH: Graham County Board Approves Vote Centers!

Many Graham County voters have shifted their preference from casting their vote in a traditional polling place to casting early ballots.  Graham County is committed to improving the voting experience and has therefore determined that vote centers would be a welcome option rather than going to a … [Read more...]