“E” Services


Early Voting – Arizona now has a new law that allows a voter to place their name on a “permanent early voting list”.  Contact our Graham County Recorder for more detailed information or to request an early ballot for an upcoming election.  You may also take a look at our Early Voting Information brochure.

Elected Officials – For information on the Graham County 2010 Election Cycle, Offices to be Elected, contact our Elections Department at 428-3250.  Elected Officials for Graham County include: Assessor, Attorney, Board of Supervisors, Clerk of the Superior Court, Justice of the Peace #1, Justice of the Peace #2, Precinct Committeemen, Recorder, School Board Members, School Superintendent, Sheriff, Superior Court Judge, and Treasurer.

Elections Information – The Graham County Elections Department is loaded with information on voting and upcoming elections.  To actually register to vote, you need to contact the Graham County Recorder’s office at 428-3560.  This department also contains a section of Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the voting process.  Go to Board Members FAQ’s for election information on School Governing Board Members.

Emergencies – Information regarding major public health incidents that could affect Graham County will be posted here.  Law Enforcement, Emergency Responders, Patrol, Detention and Dispatch are on call 24 hours a day.  For all emergencies dial 911.  Related links:  Arizona Emergency Information Network (AzEIN), National Weather Service (NOAA), The Disaster Center AZ page, River Stages.

In the event of a disaster that affects a polling location, early voting site or central count, the Elections Department will provide up to date emergency information to keep Graham County citizens informed about the situation and provide instructions to help communities continue with the voting process.

Emergency Management – A coordinated system of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery to protect the lives, environment and property of the people of Graham County.  Contact Graham County Emergency Management for detailed information, 928-428-0110 or after hours and on weekends 928-428-0808.

Employment – Our Employment section posts open positions in Graham County along with a fillable job application.

Environmental Health Complaints – The Graham County Environmental Health Staff will accept and investigate a variety of complaints with regard to general public health and environmental nuisances.  If complaints are found to be valid and within the jurisdiction of the Health Department to enforce, property owners will be notified and required to conduct clean ups and/or make appropriate repairs or changes to reduce or eliminate the nuisance.

Environmental Health Permit Fees – The following items (Food Service, Taverns, Retail Grocery Store, Motels/Hotels, Public Swimming Pools, Campgrounds, Septic Tank Services, Wells), along with many others not listed here, require a fee and can be found on the Graham County Environmental Health Permit Fees list.  For more information contact the Graham County Environmental Health Services at 428-1962.

Exemptions – (Property Exemptions) Some widows, widowers and totally disabled persons age 17, or over, may be eligible.  Contact the Graham County Assessor’s Office for detailed information.