“M” Services


Maps – The Graham County (G)eographic (I)nformation (S)ystems Department uses ESRi’s ArcGIS suite of products to integrate data from many different sources. “Data driven maps” is a good descriptive phrase for GIS. Our maps include: County Roads, Fire Districts, School Districts, Supervisor Districts, Voting Precincts and Parcel Info Search.

Marriage License – In order to be legally joined in marriage in the State of Arizona, a couple must first obtain a marriage license from the Office of the Superior Court Clerk in one of the 15 counties across Arizona. Once a marriage license is obtained, it serves as a legal license anywhere in the state of Arizona for 12 months from the date of issuance. The officiator must be legally authorized to perform marriages in the state of Arizona.

To request a copy of a marriage license you will need to contact the Office of the Superior Court Clerk at 928-428-3100.  You should be prepared with names and dates if possible.  Marriage records go back as far as the 1900’s.

Marriage Performances – If individuals want a judge to officiate over their marriage ceremony, they must contact the Justice of the Peace courts on their own. The Clerk of the Court does not schedule marriage ceremonies for the courts.

Meetings (BOS, P&Z) – The Graham County Board of Supervisors meet every 1st and 3rd Monday of every month unless it is a holiday, in which case they will meet on Tuesday. A current agenda is posted online along with Board minutes and agendas as far back as 2007. Minutes dated into the late 1800’s are available to the public by contacting 928-428-3250. The Graham County Planning and Zoning Commission meet every third Wednesday of each month as needed. A current agenda is posted online along with a meeting schedule. The Board of Supervisors hears Planning and Zoning issues every third Monday of each month as needed.

Military Voting – This request page is for military and overseas voting https://www.azsos.gov/election/Military.htm. Contact the Graham County Recorder at 428-3560 for more information.

Minor Land Division Affidavit – A minor land division is a division of an existing parcel of land into 2, 3, 4, or 5 new lots/parcels. If a parcel is assigned an Assessor’s Parcel Number, any split into 2 to 5 new lots/parcels is a minor land division. Any split into six or more lots/parcels is a subdivision. The County is authorized by ARS 11-809 to review minor land divisions. Regulations for Minor Land Division are outlined in the Planning and Zoning Ordinance Section 5.13. The affidavit for a minor land division is available HERE or at the Graham County Planning and Zoning office in the General Services Building at 921 W. Thatcher Blvd., Safford, AZ 85546 or by calling (928) 428-0410.

Mobile Food Unit Guidelines – Go to guidelines. See our Graham County Environmental Health Services home page for more information.

Mobile Home & RV Park Inspections – Owners of Mobile Home/RV Parks are required to have permits and to have their facilities inspected by the Health Department for cleanliness and compliance with state regulations on an annual basis.