“R” Services


Recorded Documents – The Graham County Recorder’s document search allows you to perform complex searches of recorded documents such as Power of Attorney, Quit Claim Deeds, State Tax Liens, Warranty Deeds, Deed of Trust, Community Property and much more through a simple to use interface. If you have questions regarding recorded documents please contact our County Recorder at 928-428-3560. RECORDED DOCUMENT SEARCH

Redistricting – Is a legally required process that occurs every 10 years in which electoral district boundaries are redrawn. Changes often occur in response to population changes determined by the results of the decennial census.

Refuse Haulers Inspections – Businesses operating either refuse hauling or septic inspection and pumping services are required to have a permit and to have their vehicles inspected by the Health Department on an annual basis.

Register to Vote – You may register to vote in person at the Graham County Recorder’s Office located in the Graham County General Services Building, 921 Thatcher Blvd. in Safford. Our County Recorder also offers online registration, an Arizona Voter Registration Form and voter registration requirements.

Road Advisories and Conditions – Visit our Graham County Highway Department for information on local and state road advisories and conditions.

Road Maintenance & Repair – The Graham County Highway Department constructs and maintains certain public roadways in the County. This does not include roads within the incorporated cities and towns, state highways and certain public roads not constructed to County standards. Many citizens call in with questions about road maintenance. Go to their FAQ’s online for answers to the public’s most common concerns.

Road NamingSection 5.8 of the County Planning and Zoning Ordinance provides for the establishment of an official plan for a coordinated system of Road Names, House Numbers and/or Property Numbers in Graham County. After submission of a ROAD NAME REQUEST the Planning and Zoning Department will prepare a complete report on the road and the name requested. Road naming shall be established after public hearing and required noticing or through recording of subdivision maps.