To be eligible for Agricultural classification the property must meet criteria in the following areas: A.R.S. §42-12152

A. Use: The primary use of the land must be agricultural.
B. Expectation of Profit: There is a reasonable expectation of operating profit.
C. Functional Contribution: If the property is noncontiguous, the noncontiguous parcels must be managed and operated on a unitary basis.

Definition of Agricultural Real Property

Agricultural Land is one of the following: A.R.S. §42-12151

Obtaining Agricultural Use Classification
To obtain qualified agricultural use classification status, the land must have been actively engaged in the production of agricultural crops or commodities of sufficient quantity to be economically feasible for three of the past five years.  The use of the land must meet one or more of the statutory requirements specified under A.R.S. §42-12151.

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