The County Assessor’s Office is required to mail a Notice of Valuation to all property owners of record. If the property owner feels that their property has been improperly valued or erroneously listed, they may petition the assessor for review within 60 days of the notice date on the front of the card.

When you are reviewing your assessed valuation, to see if the property has been valued fairly you may first note that sales of similar properties must be reviewed. When using the sales comparison (market) approach, we must review all sales data. Size, quality, location, differences in additions or features and time of sale are important factors to consider.

Proposition 117 was a voter approved initiative passed in the 2012 general election which will take effect for tax year 2015.  Prop 117 limits the increase of the Limited Property Value (LPV) to 5% per year.  Prop 117 also made a change to use the Limited Property Value as the sole value used to calculate all taxes.  While your taxes are based on the Limited Property Value (LPV), you can only appeal the Full Cash Value (FCV) of your property.  This is because the FCV represents market value and LPV is determined by the previous year’s value or by a formula defined in statute.


(More forms may be needed for Commercial Appeals. Contact Assessor’s Office)


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