Probate of an Estate

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All probate cases filed with the court are required to complete training. See items in RED and Probate Training on tabbed items at bottom of page.

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Todos los casos testamentarias presentados ante la corte son requeridos de completar capacitación.  Ver los artículos en ROJO y Capacitación Testamentaria en fichas en la parte inferior de la página.


 F1 Filing First Petition  F1-SP Archivar Primera Petición
 F2 Filing First Petition  F2-SP Archivar Primera Petición
 F3 Inventory and Appraisement-Step 2  F3-SP Inventario y Tasación-Paso 2
 F4 Administered and Account of Estate before Closing  F4-SP Administracion y Contabilidad del Patrimonio antes de cerrar
 F5 Claim Against/Objection to Estate  F5-SP Reclamación contra/Objeción contra el Patrimonio
 F6 Closing Estate  F6-SP Cierre del Patrimonio
 F20 Status Report  F20-SP Reporte de Actualización
 E16 Release of Restricted Funds  E16-SP Liberación de Fondos Restringidos
 C19 Deferral of Filing Fees  C19-SP Aplazamiento de Honorarios de Presentación
 PB1 Unlicensed Fiduciary Training  PB1-SP Capacitación de Agentes Fiduciaries sin Licencia
 PB2 Guardianship Training  PB2-SP Capacitación Tutela
 PB3 Conservatorship Training  PB3-SP Capacitación Curatela
 PB4 Probate Training  PB4-SP Capacitación Testamentaria
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All probate and guardianship classes are required to complete the probate training before letters can be issued. You can either read through the packets or take the probate training online.

Online Probate Training

You may use these forms and instructions in this packet if…

  • You need to have payment of filing fees and/or other court fees and costs deferred, that is, you need to pay later, AND,
  • You understand that since waivers, which excuse payment completely, are rarely granted at the beginning of a case, if your request for deferral is granted you will later receive either a bill for the full amount or a payment plan from the Court, AND,
  • You understand that when you receive that bill or payment plan, you may then file a “Supplemental Application for Further Deferral or Waiver” to request more time to pay or for the court to waive payment of fees and costs completely, AND,
  • You understand that filing these forms does not guarantee your fees will be deferred or waived, but that deferral or waiver will be granted if you meet the requirements established by law.
  • You understand that effective February 1, 2009, IF your request for deferral is granted, a charge of $27 will be added to your deferred fees.

If you are required to pay fines, penalties, fees or other financial obligations as a result of a judgement of this court and you are unable to pay, bring this information to the attention of court staff or the judge because payments over time or other alternatives may be available. Do not ignore your responsibility to pay, as this may result in additional penalties and costs to you. For more information, contact the court at (928) 428-3100 or an attorney.


Attorneys Practicing in Graham County (Printable File)

Ivan Abrambreak]Abrams and Brereton, PLC
177 North Church Ave., Suite 200
Tucson, AZ  85701
Phone: (520)628-7777
Justin Allred
Allred Law Office, P.C.

151 B S. Haskell Avenue
Willcox, AZ  85643
Phone: (520)384-4228
Fax: (520)384-4230
*Real Estate*Estate Planning
Nicholas W. Brereton
Abrams and Brereton, PLC
177 North Church Ave., Suite 200
Tucson, AZ  85701
Phone: (520)628-7777
Fax: (520)798-1980
Michael B. Bernays
Law Office of Michael B. Bernays, P.C.

801 N. First Ave.,
Phoenix, AZ  85003-0001
Phone: (602)254-5544 ext.3
Fax: (602)254-9263
Channen Day
Law Office of Channen Day
1717 W. Thatcher Blvd.
Safford, AZ  85546
Phone: (928)424-4500
Fax: (928)436-2011
501 N. Coronado Blvd.
Clifton, AZ  85540
Phone: (928)865-4500
Fax: (928)436-2011
*Juvenile*Estate Planning*Parental Rights 
Michael R. Ellsworth
Riggs, Ellsworth and Porter
813 W. Court St., Suite 1
Safford, AZ 85546
Phone: (928)428-3180}
Fax: (928) 537-3229
*Personal Injury
*Social Security Disability
Daisy Flores
Flores and Clark, LLC

1566 E. South Street
Globe, AZ  85501
Phone: (928)793-4391
Fax: (928)425-0140
David Griffith
Law Office of David Griffith

616 S. 8th Avenue #D
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (928)428-3770
Fax: (928) 428-7477
*Bankruptcy*Personal Injury 
John Griffith
Law Office of David Griffith

616 S. 8th Avenue #D
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (520)335-0150
*Bankruptcy*Personal Injury 
Lowell A. Jensen
PO Box 790

Willcox AZ  85644
Phone: (520)384-2279
Fax: (520)384-2278
*Injuries*Real Estate*Probate
Rebecca R. Johnson
Law Office of Rebecca R. Johnson

616 S. 8th Avenue
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (928)428-7323
Fax: (928)428-7825
Gregory Larson
Larson and Simpson PLC

616 S. 8th Avenue
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (928)428-8763
Fax: (800)794-7044
Josi Y. Lopez
Law Office of Josi Y. Lopez P.C.

409 W. 7th Street
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (928)348-8244
Fax: (928)348-8245
Dennis McCarthy
Law Office of Dennis McCarthy, L.L.C.

PO Box 601
Globe AZ  85502
Phone: (480)247-7890
Fax: (480)248-7847
Travis W. Ragland
Law Office of Travis Ragland, P.C.

293 5th Street
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (928)428-6755
Fax: (928)428-6765
Jared O. Smith
Jared O. Smith Attorney At Law

605 W. Main Street
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (928)428-4484
Fax: (928)428-4434
Barry A. Standifird
Standifird Law Office

200 W. Frontier Street, Ste. H
Payson AZ  85541
Phone: (928)474-0181
Fax: (928)476-6876
Jeremy J. Waite
Law Office of Jeremy Waite

609 S. 5th Avenue
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (928)348-4644
Fax: (928)348-0482
*Guardianship*Parental Rights
J. Grant Walker
J. Grant Walker PLLC

1124 Thatcher Blvd. Ste. 202
Safford AZ  85546
Phone: (928)428-2728
Fax: (928)428-2375
*Probate*Civil*Estate Planning
*Personal Injury*Business*
*Medical Malpractice*Guardianships
*Conservatorships*Real Estate
  • William A. Daniel III
    Phone: (928) 428-3743
    PS2017-0001 Expires 03/08/2020
  • Philip Green
    Phone: (480) 668-5953
    PS2016-0001 Expires 01/13/2019
  • Loryn Moore
    Phone: (928) 428-3510
    PS2015-0001 Expires 04/19/2018
  • Sherri Rios
    Phone: (928) 651-7640
    PS2017-0002 Expires 08/03/2020
  • Cheryl A. Wall
    Phone: (928) 348-3068
    PS2016-0002 Expires 12/4/2019
  • Terrell F. Wall
    Phone: (928) 348-3068
    PS2016-0003 Expires 12/4/2019