Pinaleno School




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Serving Graham and Greenlee Counties through the Eastern Arizona Regional Juvenile Detention Facility.  Pinaleno School provides students in the secure care setting with appropriate educational services to improve their skills and reach their educational goals.

Students enroll in Pinaleno School on the weekday after 24-48 hours in the facility. Students attend class for four hours every weekday (excluding school breaks and holidays) year round totaling a minimum of 225 days per year. Pinaleno School has two classrooms and a small library. Resource materials available to students include a thesaurus, dictionary, calculator, writing supplies, DVDs, newspapers, textbooks, computers, and encyclopedias. All Pinaleno School Staff are certified by the Arizona Department of Education or meet paraprofessional standards. Students complete all assigned work and participate in individual work, class lessons, discussions, and computerized lessons. Students who are disruptive or present a threat may be removed from class until their behavior improves to the point where they may return. When security permits, education services continue when students are removed.
We are now NCA/CITA Accredited!
To request a transcript, for more information, or to set up a tour, please contact Pinaleno School c/o Eastern Arizona Regional Juvenile Detention Facility 919 Thatcher Blvd. Safford Arizona 85546 (928) 792-5303 Fax (928) 428-8888 email:


Assignments are determined by the following:

Currently Enrolled In A School and Detained For A Short Time

If a student is currently enrolled in a school and only detained for a short time, efforts are made to get homework from the school for the student to complete if it will help the student. If homework is not available, student completes work as assigned by the Pinaleno School staff and earns credits for his/her work.

Not Enrolled, May Or May Not Return To School And/Or Wants GED

If a student is not enrolled and may or may not return to regular school, the student will follow an education plan recommended by the Pinaleno School staff. Returning to high school is always encouraged, but the General Educational Development (GED) is the best option for some students. If a student wants to work toward a GED, necessary study materials and testing information are provided. The student will work at his/her skill level in the GED Study Guides and complete assignments as directed. The student will also be given pre and posts tests and given the opportunity to take the GED tests at no cost to the student if he/she is at least 16 years of age and has sufficient time to study.

High School Or GED Graduate

If a student will be in Pinaleno School for several months, the student can apply for the college correspondence program and take college classes paid for by Pinaleno School.

What Do Students Complete In Class?

  • Lessons are based on the five core areas of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies in addition to life skills and technology. Lessons are based on GED preparation materials and the Arizona Academic Standards.
  • Students participate in teacher-directed lessons.
  • Students complete independent work on A+.
  • Life Skills lessons include Merging Two Worlds, healthy relationships, drugs/alcohol prevention, parenting, teen pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted disease prevention, health education, teen resources, and career skills such as resumes, interviews, etc.
  • Guest speakers include business owners, animal specialists, motivational speakers, health educators, college students, detention officers, veterans, etc.


Pinaleno School is under the direction of the Graham and Greenlee County School Superintendents Offices and complies with all applicable state and federal guidelines for juvenile detention education programs. Juvenile detention education programs are monitored by the Arizona Supreme Court and the Arizona Department of Education.