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Judy Dickerson
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Located in the:

General Services Building
921 Thatcher Blvd.
Safford AZ 85546

Phone: (928)792-5037
Fax: (928)428-5951


Mission Statement

The mission of the Graham County Election Department is to ensure federal, state and local elections are conducted timely, responsibly and with the highest level of integrity.  We are committed to maintaining public confidence by assuring all of our elections are conducted in a fair, efficient and accurate manner.

The Graham County Election Department, under the direction of the Board of Supervisors, administers, conducts and tallies accurate and impartial federal, state and county elections pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes. The department also provides contract election services and assistance to cities, towns, school districts, special districts and the Community College District.

The Election Department is responsible for all election functions including:

  • Purchasing and maintaining election equipment
  • Securing polling locations
  • Recruiting, hiring and training poll workers
  • Issuing, accepting and maintaining candidate packets, initiative, referendum and recall filings and campaign committee financial reports
  • Provides for printing of election related material
  • Final vote tabulation and canvassing of election results