Campaign Finance Forms

The following forms have been made available to you in two formats. Fillable forms which you can actually fill out online then print or a non-fillable .pdf format which you can print and fill out by hand. If you encounter any difficulty filling out our online forms please contact our Webmaster so that we can correct the problem as soon as possible.

Fillable forms function better when using the Internet Explorer web browser.  If you are using FireFox, Chrome or Edge, you may not be able to use or see the form’s fillable fields.

If you have any questions regarding which forms you need to complete please contact our Elections Director, Judy Dickerson at 928-792-5037.

Must be completed for every reporting period (see reporting dates). Attach only the Schedules that apply to your campaign.

Campaign Finance Report

Various Schedules for campaign activity.  File only the ones that apply to your campaign.

Period of No Activity Report
May be used for a specific reporting period if you have not received or expended any funds.

Termination Statement
The final report to terminate all activities on a campaign.

Annual Period of No Activity Statement
If you do not plan to terminate your campaign you may file the Annual Period of No Activity Statement if you do not plan to receive or expend any funds.

Print Entire Campaign Finance Report Packet

(PDF format)