Observer Protocol


Political Observer Protocol A.R.S. §16-590:

Allow for a political observer and an alternate to be appointed by the County Chairman of each party that has a candidate on the ballot for each polling location in the County.

In an effort to carry out this law the Graham County Elections Department feels it is important to establish polling place protocol for Voters, Election Board Workers and Observers.

This will insure that questions or issues on Election Day will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to the voter and Election Board.


Political Appointment:

If you have been appointed as a Political Observer you MUST have in your hand the signed appointment when entering the Polling Place to show the Inspector, Marshall or other member of the Election Board. You will be issued a badge at the polling location. If you do not have the form you will be instructed to contact your Party Chairman.


Request for Appointment of Political Observer Form



Vote Centers/Polling places can get quite busy, therefore we ask that you conduct your observing as quietly as possible.


  • enter any voting booth unless you are in your own precinct and are there to mark your ballot
  • touch any ballot
  • approach any voter
  • disrupt the polling place
  • engage in any political conversation
  • interfere in the voting process

Violators will be asked to leave.

Please notify the Inspector with your concerns or contact the Election Department at 928-428-3250.