job2Welcome!  Thank you for considering employment with Graham County.


It is our goal to ensure that every applicant is treated fairly and that their relevant work history, training and education is fully recognized for each position applied for. If you should need additional information or have any questions, contact (928) 428-3250. Please read the following guidelines before filling out your application.

Employment FAQ's

Where are the current job vacancies listed? Current vacancies can be found on our website under Employment or postings can be found at the Board of Supervisors Office, 921 Thatcher Blvd., Safford, AZ 85546.

Where can I get an application? You can either download the Graham County application located on our employment page or applications can be picked up at the Board of Supervisors Office, 921 Thatcher Blvd., Safford, AZ 85546.

How do I submit an application? You can either fill out your application online and submit it or bring it in to the Board of Supervisors Office, 921 Thatcher Blvd., Safford, AZ 85546.

Do I need an application or may I submit a resume? A completed application is required for all Graham County positions. Resumes may be included with the application. Applications are only accepted for open positions.

Do I need a separate application for each position? Yes, a separate application is required for each position that you are applying for. Each job application submitted may only contain one position title.

Please explain the closing date deadline? For the positions listed as open until filled/open continuous, these applications are only reviewed when an opening becomes available. It could take one month to five months for a position to become available. Applications are only good for six months, if you are still interested in the position, you applied over six months ago and have not heard anything, and you would need to reapply.

If the position you are applying for has a closing date, your application is due by 6:00 p.m. of the closing date. Applications will not be accepted after that.

How does the application process work? Applications will go through an initial screening process, to verify the applicant has meet the minimum qualifications, if the applicant qualifies they will be placed on a certification list along with other qualified applicants. The Certification List along with the application will be sent to the Department Head or Designee for review. Whether the applicant qualified or did not qualify they will be notified by mail. If an applicant did qualify, it could take a couple of weeks to be notified of an interview.

Whom should I contact to find out the status of my application? You may call (928)428-3250.

How often are the job openings updated? If the opening has a closing date, it will be on our website and posted in the Board of Supervisors office for two weeks. Once the position closes, it will be removed.

For open until filled/ open continuous positions, they are updated/re-advertised, when the Department needs more applications to fill the position.

Application Guidelines

  • Applications are only accepted for positions currently open for recruitment.  Please read the job announcement for the position you are interested in carefully before completing the application. 
  • get_adobe_readerAll documents on this page are in pdf format and can be viewed and filled out with free PDF readers such as the Adobe Reader.  If you do not already have this viewer installed on your computer, you may download it by clicking on the “Get Adobe Reader” icon.
  • If you are applying for more than one position, a separate application must be filled out for each position you are applying for.
  • Review the job announcement before completing the application.
  • You may submit a resume in addition to your completed application.
  • This job application functions better when using the Internet Explorer Web Browser.  If you are using FireFox, Chrome or Edge, you may not be able to use or see the form’s fillable fields. 
  • If you decide to submit your application online please make sure the application attachment shows up in your email as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file.  You may need to click the “Submit Application” a second time if your email attachment does not show up as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file the first time.  Make sure you digitally sign the application before submitting it online, otherwise it will not be a valid application.
  • If you are not able to digitally sign your application, it can be printed, signed and mailed or dropped off in person to the Board of Supervisors Office, 921 Thatcher Blvd., Safford AZ 85546 (General Services Building). 
  • You can receive confirmation that your application has been received by calling (928) 428-3250.
  • The application packet contains Employment Application Information, Background Authorization, Equal Employment Opportunity Information and Job Application.
  • If, in any way, you feel you have been treated unfairly in the recruitment process, you may contact Cindy Norris-Blake/Human Resources Director at 928-428-3250.

Veteran's Preference

Graham County provides employment preference points (A.R.S. § 38-492) for the individuals listed below when a point system is used by the hiring department to evaluate the applicants. Employment preference points shall be added to the total interview score earned by the applicant, but only when a passing score is earned without the preference points. Please note a maximum of 10 preference points is available. Preference points are only applicable to initial employment and not to promotions, voluntary demotions, or transfers.

  • Veteran– An individual that was honorably discharged from the US Armed forces after at least 180 days (6 months) of active duty. (5 points) 
  • Disabled Veteran– An honorably discharged Veteran who served on active duty, has a service connected disability and is receiving compensation benefits. (10 points)
  • Spouse of veteran who is MIA, POW, totally and permanently service connected disabled, or who dies of a service connected disability. Submit verification certificate (available at the Department of Economic Security Veterans Affairs office). (5 points) 
  • Disabled Person– A person with a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities, or has a record of such impairment or is regarded as having such impairment. (5 points)

In order to be given any preference points, you must provide the Human Resource Department a copy of your DD214 or verification certificate that supports the above claim before the closing date of the Job Announcement. If you submitted the appropriate form within the last 12 months, you need not provide another.

Job Application Packet


Job Title  OCA Closing Date Salary
Accounting & Legal Clerk OCA Open until filled $32,000 annual
Animal Control Officer OCA Open until filled $31,954 annual
Engineering Assistant OCA Open until filled $34,320 annual
Dispatcher OCA May 2, 2018 $29,666 annual
Equipment Mechanic II OCA Open until filled $37,778 annual
Highway Operations Technician II OCA Open until filled $37,778 annual
Pre-Trial Services Officer OCA Open until filled $32,000 annual
Reserve Control Room Operator OCA Open until filled $11.48 per hr.
*Reserve Detention Officer OCA Open until filled $15.36 per hr.
Reserve Dispatcher OCA Open until filled $14.26 per hr.
Sheriff’s Office Assistant OCA Open until filled $29,666 annual


*Deputy Sheriff Application Process Overview
*Reserve Detention Officer Application Process Overview

Graham County is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to applying the principals of State and Federal anti-discrimination laws to give equal opportunity for all persons employed or seeking employment without regard to race, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability. The county also maintains a work place free of harassment and intimidation.