Health Department

Concerned about the government shutdown?
All Arizona WIC Program clinics are open and serving clients during regular clinic hours. WIC participants can use their WIC benefits at any WIC-authorized store. For up-to-date information, visit or call 1-800-252-5942.

DirectorHealth Dept
Brian Douglas
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Located in the:

Department of Health Services Bldg.
826 W. Main Street
Safford AZ  85546

MAIN LINE: (928) 428-1962

Environmental Health-Phone: (928) 428-1962, Fax: (928) 428-8074
Public Health Nursing-Phone: (928) 428-1962, Fax: (928) 428-8074


Located in the:

Health Annex
820 W. Main Street
Safford AZ  85546

Public Fiduciary-Phone: (928) 428-4441, Fax: (928) 428-8806
W.I.C.-Phone: (928) 428-7690, Fax: (928) 428-8869


The purpose of the Graham County Health Services is to promote health and quality of life for all Graham County residents through education, service and leadership.