Environmental Health Services CAN Address Complaints Related To The Following:

  • Restaurants or other food establishments
  • Other businesses permitted by this department, including hotels/motels, pools/spas, RV & trailer parks, taverns/bars, and garbage haulers
  • Illegal food vendors
  • Garbage or illegal dumping in the county
  • Environmental nuisances in the county (e.g., problems causing insect or rodent harborage, etc.)
  • Sewage or wastewater

How To Submit A Complaint:

  • Online Complaint Form (Coming soon!)
  • Call us at 928-428-0110

We are happy to advise you as to how a complaint may be resolved, and direct you to the appropriate office if it is for a problem that we do not have the authority to address.

Complaints That Environmental Health Services Does NOT Have Authority To Address Include:

Environmental Complaints Within Safford, Thatcher, Or Pima

  • Please contact the appropriate jurisdiction first (see below).

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