Superior Court



Presiding Judge, Hon. R. Douglas Holt

Presiding Judge
Hon. R. Douglas Holt

The mission of the Superior Court of Arizona in Graham County is to provide access to swift, fair justice to all parties.


The Superior Court of Arizona in Graham County is part of the state of Arizona’s only general jurisdiction court system. Most type of cases may be heard in Superior Court except small claims, minor offenses, and violations of local city codes and ordinances.

The Superior Court has original jurisdiction of cases and proceedings in which exclusive jurisdiction is not vested by law in another court. The Superior Court hears cases involving but no limited to title and possession of real property; civil claims exceeding $5,000.00; matters of probate; divorce and annulment of marriages; and felony and misdemeanor prosecutions not otherwise provided for by law.

The Superior Court may also hear appeals from decisions made in Justice of the Peace and Municipal Courts. In such appeals, the Superior Court acts as an appellate court.

For domestic violence matters, the Superior Court may issue orders of protection.


Established a Pro-Tempore Court. Hon. Corey Sanders currently hearing a full juvenile and dependency calendar.

Established Conciliation Court and mediation program with Brady Lee as director.

Successfully integrated electronic court calendar for Superior Court. Calendar is shared with Sheriff and Clerk of the Court allowing more efficient case processing and transportation of defendant’s in custody at county jail.

Established electronic reporting system to monitor case processing and prevent cases from “falling off the calendar”. Resulted in more efficient criminal case processing.


Improve case processing and calendar management utilizing all available technologies. Have 100 percent compliance in criminal case processing per state and national standards.

Improve facility safety for both staff and the public.