Planning and Zoning Fees


3.8 FEES

All fees shall be paid to the Graham County Planning and Zoning office for the services rendered. The fee schedule is listed below for reference only as of May 16, 2016 and may be adjusted by the Board of Supervisors by resolution from time to time as they determine is needed.


 Printable Fee Schedule
Building Permit – Site Permit for residential, commercial, & industrial Residential-$100 per sq. ft. value
Commercial-$125 per sq. ft. value
Utility (garage, porches) – $50 per sq. ft. value
Administrative fee (added to permit fee) $100
Building Permit-MH Installation $200 + $100 administrative fee
Temporary RV permit $100 renewable annually if not on septic
Building Permit-Communication Tower $500 w/$150 for modifications
Building Permit-Penalty/Late Fee 5x the permit fee
Building Permit-Electrical Upgrade $50
Re-inspection fee for any building permit $100 + 2 business days on MH
Application for Conditional Use Permit $350
Application for Temporary Use Permit $125 for 90 days
Public Hearing by Board of Adjustment $300
Application for Rezoning $250
Continue Hearing Plat, Zoning, Use Permit, etc $200
Preliminary Subdivisions $300, plus $20 per lot
Final Subdivision $200, plus $10 per lot
Plan Review for Development Plans for Commercial 65% of building permit; review of subdivision improvements plans – $200 plus $20 per lot
Amended Final Plat $200
Mobile Home (MH) Park and Travel Trailer (RV) Parks $300, plus $10 per space
General Plan Amendments $300
Minor Land Division Affidavit 2 parcels-$150
3 parcels-$200
4 parcels-$250
5 parcels-$300
Building Permit-Accessory Structures, etc. No fee up to 120 sq. ft.
≥120 sq. ft. – $50 per sq. ft. value, $150 Min.
Billboard/sign permit
Sign Permit<15 sq. ft.
All other signs
Street/Road Naming $150 fee and $125 per additional sign
Community Facilities District $12,500 plus $5,000 increments as needed
Any other service not listed that requires public notification $250


Inspection Fees