Education Service Agency


AZ Association of County Education Service Agencies  (AACESA)  “Partners in Service and Leadership”

MISSION:  AACESA is committed to leadership and support of Education Service Agencies (ESAs).

“The county superintendent shall…

In collaboration with the department of education and other state agencies, provide assistance to school districts and charter schools on the use of student data, staff development, curriculum alignment, and technology to improve student performance.”

ARS 15-301(C)


  • To be partners with schools, state, and federal entities to support quality education.
  • To enable ESAs to positively impact student success.
  • To be a cohesive team that values integrity, credibility, and respect.
  • To seek sustainable funding sources through good relationships, a high commitment to fiscal responsibility, and quality services.


A statewide network of county ESA’s will:

  • enhance organizational effectiveness
  • establish and implement ESA standards
  • ensure accountability
  • improve visibility, communication, and credibility


Education Service Agencies (ESAs) are geographically located across the state reaching urban, rural and remote schools. They are uniquely positioned to provide services to Local Education Agencies (LEA) by:

  • Being locally accessible and responsive
  • Providing consistent practices that assess, aggregate and prioritize local, regional, and state needs
  • Utilizing data and research to assist LEAs to improve student achievement
  • Networking to provide quality personnel and maximizing resources to enhance and integrate program delivery
  • Being transparent and accountable to all stakeholders


Table of State-wide ESA Programs and Services

DIBELS training for teachers across the state. Summer Institutes.
HEARRT Project in Navajo County. Teacher Leadership Cadres.
Assisting “x” number of teachers becoming highly qualified. AEPA study sessions.
Technology Integration Specialists in all areas helping teachers integrate technology into their everyday classroom work through the Statewide Instructional Technology Grant. Working with County Sheriff/Attorneys to create a curriculum for Methamphetamine education.
County-wide Science Day (for students). Student Leadership Camp.
Technology assistance for educators. Middle School Career Shadowing Day.
Advisory Councils. County-wide Conferences.
Data Trainings. Early Childhood Professional Development.
Substitute Teacher training. SEI Classes across the state.
Cooperative purchasing. Autism training.
Emergency Response Crisis Management training. Administrator training.
Professional Development in Math and Science.