Board of Supervisors

  1. Paul David

    Paul David

    Chairman, District 1

  1. John Howard Oath Of Office 1-4-2021

    John Howard

    Vice-Chairman, District 2

  1. Danny Smith

    Danny Smith

    Member, District 3

Each board member has a district map included on their page.  If you are not sure who your supervisor is, you may also go directly to the main Supervisor Districts map to enter your address and search for your supervisor.


  • Dustin Welker, County Manager
  • Hannah Duderstadt, Election Director/Deputy Clerk of the Board
  • Cindy Norris-Blake, Human Resources Director
  • Julie Rodriguez, Chief Financial Officer
  • Maryssa Sanchez, Payroll Specialist
  • Felicia Fohr, Accounts Payable