Past School Superintendents

Superintendent NameYears Active
Donna M. McGaughey
2004 to Present
Phyllis Bryce1997 to 2004
Max B. Hinton1993 to 1996
Clay Larson1977 to 1992
Farrell Dan Hinton1969 to 1976
Lafe Nelson1965 to 1968
Guy H. Lorenson1959 to 1964
Wilford Hamblin1941 to 1958
Charlotte Mangum1939 to 1940
James H. Mangum1935 to 1938
Lafe Nelson1927 to 1934
Alice C. Worden1925 to 1926
J. A. Woods1923 to 1924
S. C. Heywood1921 to 1922
Martin Mortensen Jr.1919 to 1920
D. Dudley Jones1917 to 1918
S. C. Heywood1915 to 1916
J. A. Woods1913 to 1914
J. W. Aker1911 to 1912
J. A. Woods1909 to 1910
A. R. Lynch1907 to 1908
W. M. Moody1905 to 1906
W. A. Moody1903 to 1904