Career, Charter & Private Schools

Career & Technical Education

Gila Institute for Technology (GIFT #2-Vocational Courses)

Clay Emery, Superintendent (Email Clay Emery)

Phone: 928-348-3393

Physical Address

3998 W. Ball Park Street, Thatcher AZ  85552

Gila Institute for Technology (GIFT).

Charter Schools

Discovery Plus Academy (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

DeeAnn Williams, Director (Email DeeAnn Williams)
Donna Bolinger, Assistant Director

Phone: 928-485-2498
Fax: 928-485-2508

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1089, Pima, AZ 85543-1089

Physical Address

852 W 250 N, Pima AZ 85543

Visit the Discovery Plus Academy website.

Triumphant Learning Center (Kindergarten through 8th Grade)

Shanna Marble, Founder/Principal (Email Shanna Marble)

Phone: 928-348-8422

Physical Address

201 E Main St, Safford AZ 85546

Visit the Triumphant Learning Center website.

Private Schools

Truthful Beginnings Private School (Religious Academic & Biblical Education-Kindergarten through 12th Grade)

Angel Lopez, Principal (Email Angel Lopez)

Physical Address

1682 E. U.S. Hwy 70, Safford AZ  85546

Visit the Truthful Beginnings website

If your child will be attending a private school please fill out the Affidavit of Intent for Private School form (PDF). Please ensure the following is included with your submission:

  • Certified copy of your student’s birth certificate; it will be returned to you. (Required by A.R.S. 15-828)
  • Signed / stamped by a Notary Public. Free notary services available at our office during regular business hours.