SEATA Registration

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  • All Graham and Greenlee County educators are invited to attend SEATA at no cost.
  • To meet the needs of our Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade educators, we will have over 90 break-out sessions focusing on best practices across the curriculum.
  • Attendees will earn up to 24 hours of professional development credit.
  • SEATA is open to certified educators, early childhood education providers and pre-service educators who will be certified and contracted to teach by (TO BE ANNOUNCED).
  • We will be offering sessions across the curriculum, including technology integration sessions for all subjects
  • Everyone attending should complete this process. In mid-May, you will receive an email directing you to select the break-out sessions of your choice. Your schedule of sessions will be provided at SEATA check-in during the week of
    (TO BE ANNOUNCED) in the Gherald Hoopes Activity Center at EAC.
  • Please preregister by (TO BE ANNOUNCED).
    After this date, SEATA will be opened up to other counties.