Detention Medical

Nursing Staff

  • 1 Part-time
  • 4 Full time staff
  • Complete an average 7,000 medical appointments in-house
  • Contracted Dental Care
  • On-Staff MD Psychiatrist for mental health care
  • On-staff physician assistant for medical care

Services / What We Provide

Detention Medical services provides Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Care. We do not accept outside medications of any kind. All incoming female inmates are pregnancy-tested unless there is a verified complete hysterectomy or over the age of 65.

Notifications of Care / Use

It is imperative for incoming inmates to notify medical staff of current medications, medical, or mental health care they are receiving. We need to know who the provider is and what pharmacy inmates currently use. Equally important the medical staff needs to know of any illicit drug use to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms or complications.

Medication Distribution

Medications are distributed twice daily with daily nursing rounds completed between times to identify medical, mental health or any other need relating to our services.

No Vision Care

We do not provide vision care. Inmates may have their own glasses in the facility provided they are plastic frames in good repair.


Inmates receive a medical evaluation physical and Tuberculosis (TB) skin testing approximately 14 days after arrival.