IC Solutions Video Visitations

Family and friends wishing to visit need to visit the IC Solutions website to the website to create an account and schedule for visitation.


  • All visits have to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance and up to one week in advance.
  • All visits are in 30 minutes long. Offsite visits can be done by the visitor at home using a computer or phone with a camera and a Windows or Android operating system. Currently the visits cannot be done on an iPhone.
  • All visits are recorded and monitored. Any violations of the visitation rules may result in termination of your visit and/or suspension of your visitation privileges and the privileges of your visitor. Inmates must be on time for their visits. Check the kiosk daily to see if you have a visit scheduled. It is your responsibility to check to see if you have a visit.
  • Inmates log in to the visitation kiosk using the same number used to make phone calls.
  • The Inmate Portal will list who is coming to see you and you can cancel the visit if you do not want to see the visitor.
  • If your family or friends have any issues scheduling or creating accounts, they can call IC Solutions Video Support at 888-646-9437. Do not have the family call the jail for issues with scheduling or registering.