Petitions, Applications & Affidavits

Forms are also available in the Graham County Planning and Zoning Office. You may also contact 928-428-0410 for more information.

Minor Land Division Affidavit

For the protection of the community in general and each successive lot owner specifically, minor land division regulations are established to assure that the division of land complies with applicable zoning regulations and does not constitute a subdivision (six or more land splits when each lot or parcel does not exceed 36 acres in size). The County is authorized by ARS 11-831 to review minor land divisions. Any applicant proposing a land division shall file Minor Land Division Affidavit application (PDF) with the Director. The application shall include:

  • The application for, or the verification by the Planning and Zoning Department, the appropriate land use zoning.
  • A survey, from a licensed surveyor or engineer, of the parcel being created from the land division.
  • A legal description of the existing parcel and legal descriptions of the proposed parcels, which indicates access and, if necessary, utility easements;
  • A scale map with dimensions showing existing and future parcel lines and all easements, any and all structures and placement of any utilities on the property. The map shall be of a size and format acceptable to the County Recorder, 8.5 by 14 inches unless Mylar. This requirement may be waived by the Planning and Zoning Director is areas where quarter-section or east half - west half or north half-south half description are deemed adequate.
  • Verification from the Treasurer’s Office that all property taxes and assessments are currently paid up on the original parcel from which the new parcel(s) are being created.
  • A completed and notarized “Minor Land Division Affidavit.”

Download the Hearing Application (PDF).

Petition of Exception

With regards to subdivision regulations, any map submitted with deviations from specifications and standards as required by these regulations shall not be processed until a Petition of Exception (PDF) is submitted.