Map Recordation Criteria

The following criteria must be met in order for maps to be accepted by the Graham County Recorder’s Office.

This is not inclusive and we reserved the right to reject any maps not meeting the ARS guidelines. This refers to maps other than those that are 8 1/2 by 14 inches or smaller.

General Criteria

  • Authenticity: must be original map or photographic copy of map. (Please see criteria for signature) ARS 11-481-B.
  • Do not use diazo per ARS 11-481-B
  • Material: must be printed on Polyester or Linen (Mylar) per ARS 11-481-B
  • Legibility: All maps must be sufficiently legible to reproduce legibly from microfiche images and contain at least 22 point type per ARS 11-480.
  • Seal and Signature: All seals and signatures must be original per ARS 11-480-A3 and in black ink to ensure quality reproduction. (dark blue ink may be acceptable)
  • Title must contain title indicating:
    • A place for the recorder’s information and seal block on the sheet
    • Name of subdivision or a description of the location of the area by section, township & range per ARS 11-481-A. Examples: Record of Survey of Section 17, T 21N, R 07E Owner: John and Mary Smith Final Plat of Cheshire Estate Unit 3 in Section 5, T21 N. R 07E. Owner: J Smith Development
    • Type of map or plat

We will not be able to accept maps for recordation that have: Printing or markings that are lighter than the rest or the map, maps that have information overlapping, or maps that are “mirrored”.

Type Specific Criteria Subdivision

  • 24 by 36 inches
  • Approvals by governing body of City or County with original signatures: per ARS 9-475; ARS 9-478
  • Authorization from Water Commission received by Recorder’s Office (Unless in exempt area: City of Flagstaff)
  • Draw to accurate scale with at least 11 point type with left margin of 2 inches

Record of Survey or Any Other Map

  • 18 by 24 inches or 24 by 36 inches
  • Draw to accurate scale with at least 11 point type with left margin of 2 inches
  • Parcels not split into more than 6 lots
  • Exceptions apply for Lots that are 36 acres or more per ARS 32-2101.

All other maps may be recorded if they are letter or legal size on paper or polyester. They will be treated as regular recordings. Exceptions apply to maps required to be recorded by the director of water resource underARS 45-401 through ARS 45-704.