Current Year Tax Rates

By Jurisdiction and Area Code

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Tax Authority
Taxing Authority Number
2016 Rate
2017 Rate
Bonita School  District50166.44456.4410
Central / Jackson Heights Rural Fire112040.95000.4000
City of Safford41530.53030.5219
County Education Equalization20010.50100.4875
County Flood Control150000.10170.1399
County of Graham20002.45972.6439
Eastern Arizona College81503.07683.1383
Fort Thomas Rural Fire District112061.28471.3314
Gila Institute for Technology300000.05000.0500
Klondyke School District50092.56143.8686
Pima Rural Fire District112050.80200.8020
Pima School District71026.15666.2938
Rural Fire Dist. Assistance119000.06010.0551
Safford Rural Fire District112011.30001.3000
Safford School District71014.60974.6491
Solomon School District50055.21564.9019
Thatcher School District71037.31996.6814
Town of Pima41510.15180.1468
Town of Thatcher415200
2017 School Tax Rate Graph