Property Tax Guide

As a property owner in Graham County, you need to know what is expected regarding the payment of your property taxes. The following guide will assist you in understanding the process.

Value Notification

The Graham County Assessor determines property values and provides notification of valuation. Please contact the Assessor’s Office (928-428-2828) or visit the Assessor's page for the latest valuation on your property.

New Ownership

The new owner of a property should be aware of the timing of the tax statements. Depending on when the property is purchased, the current year taxes may not have been assessed. The title company handling the property sale may determine who will be paying the taxes. Please contact them. When the sale of the property is recorded, it generally takes one year before the tax statement will be in the new owner’s name.

New Ownership of Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes with a title are billed as personal property. All the information for a mobile home is obtained by the Assessor’s Office. Their office has a direct link to the Motor Vehicle Department. The only way a name will be changed on the tax records is to obtain a new title reflecting the new owners name. A change of ownership will not be recorded in the tax records until the title is changed. Signing the back of a title over to the new owner will not change the tax rolls.


If a mortgage company is responsible for the payment of your taxes, you should contact them to confirm receipt of the tax information. Most mortgages companies request the information directly from the state and the homeowner does not receive a copy of the tax notice. However, not all mortgage companies follow this practice and without this type of request a tax notice will be sent to the homeowner.


Failure to receive a tax statement is not a legal reason for waiving interest. The Treasurer must assess interest on all delinquent payments at a rate of 16% simple interest per year. Interest is prorated monthly on the first day of each month.

Annual Tax Statements

Annual property tax statements are issued on a calendar year basis and are mailed in September of that year. The September statement has two stubs in order to avoid wasting taxpayers money on a second billing.


  1. The due date for the first half tax is October 1. The first half installment becomes delinquent after 5 p.m. on November 1.
  2. The due date for the second half tax in March 1 of the following year and becomes delinquent after 5 p.m. on May 1.
  3. Current taxes may be paid in full by December 31 and interest will not be assessed. Both installments need to be paid together in a single payment.
  4. We accept partial payments on your taxes. The payments may be made monthly, semi-monthly, or as the taxpayers require. However, this does not negate the interest which will be assessed on the remaining outstanding past due balance.


If November 1 or May 1 is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the time of delinquency is 5 p.m. on the next business day. Please check our Important Date Calendar to verify payment dates and years.

Double Check Numbers

To avoid paying on the wrong property, always check the property description and parcel number on the tax statement with your records.

Missing Tax Statements

If you are responsible for paying taxes and have not received a tax statement by October 1, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 928-428-3440 for the tax information. Failure to receive a tax statement is not a legal reason for waiving interest.