Walking Path

The Board of Supervisors was excited to dedicate our newly completed walking path along Golf Course Road on Tuesday July 26th at 10 a.m. This path completes the link with Thatcher and Safford, which opens up a continuous loop of path and sidewalks totaling almost 25 miles. This creates a tremendous opportunity for our citizens to walk, jog, and bicycle in a safe environment away from busy streets. This has been the culmination of many years of working together between the County and the Cities to complete this network.

Walking Path Dedication

Path Dedication

To commemorate this occasion and because this newest path links the cities of Thatcher and Safford, we staged a recreation of the Golden Spike ceremony at Promontory Point, Utah, which linked our continent when the railroads were linked completing the trans-continental railroad. The following officials gathered with several kids and their bicycles to drive a ceremonial golden spike and open the path to the public:

  • Mayor Bob Rivera of Thatcher
  • Mayor Chris Gibbs of Safford
  • Danny Smith, Supervisor
  • Drew John, Supervisor
  • Jim Palmer, Supervisor
  • Ken Larson, Councilman
Walking Path Map

We hope all our citizens will enjoy this path and the beauty of being outdoors getting some physical activity.