Probation Building
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Vision Statement

The Graham County Probation Department is a professional organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the County through promoting community safety, serving the courts, and rehabilitating offenders while treating all people with dignity and respect.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the safety of our communities by enforcing court sanctions, partnering with the community to provide rehabilitative services, guiding probationers to lawful self-sufficiency, and supporting the rights of victims.

Adult & Juvenile

The Graham County Probation Department is a "combined" department that encompasses both the adult probation and juvenile court services for the entire county. We are an organization which operates under the direction of the Chief Probation Officer, whom is appointed by the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court.

Adult Probation Department

The Graham County Adult Probation Department provides investigative and evidence-based supervisory services in criminal matters for the adult population pursuant to Arizona Law, Rules of Criminal Procedure and administrative directives. The adult department is responsible for a total of 650 probationers nationwide and directly monitors approximately 500 countywide. The remaining 150 probationers are supervised on a courtesy basis by other Arizona adult probation departments or in other states through the Interstate Compact Service.

Juvenile Court Services

The Graham County Department of Juvenile Court Services provides youth, victims, and families with the resources and tools for achieving success through a seamless solution-based continuum of care. We provide public safety under the jurisdiction of the Superior Court and redirect juveniles to become more accountable for their actions.The juvenile department is responsible for 150 juveniles countywide. These include all diversion, standard, juvenile intensive and pending cases.