Eligible Offenses

Most illegal activity by juveniles who are first or second time offenders charged with relatively minor violations of the law are diverted to the Diversion program. The County Attorney's office determines which offenses are eligible for Diversion. The Diversion Officer schedules interviews with the juvenile and family in order to determine if the case can be handled without the formal court involvement. To participate in a diversion program a juvenile must:

  • Acknowledge responsibility for the illegal act
  • Participate in unpaid community service work and/or an approved counseling, education, rehabilitation, or supervision program;
  • Pay restitution to the victim when requested, or pay a monetary assessment when required.

County Attorney

If the juvenile complies with these requirements the Count Attorney will not file formal charges. If the juvenile does not comply, the case is submitted to the County Attorney for review. This could result in the filing of a petition alleging delinquency or incorrigibility in which the juvenile would have to appear before a judge for disposition of their case.