Food Service Inspections

Inspectors periodically conduct unannounced evaluations of eating establishments, as well as markets, day care, adult assisted living facilities, meat markets, delis, and food booths at special events. All inspectors are Registered Sanitarians with ADHS. These evaluations are conducted according to standards published in the Arizona Food Code . In general, when inspectors evaluate an eating establishment, they consider how food is prepared, stored, displayed and protected. Hot and cold food temperatures are also closely monitored.

Swimming Pool Inspections

Public and semi-public swimming pools and spas are inspected periodically to ensure these facilities are operated safely and water quality is being maintained within public health standards. Public pools are usually owned and operated by a city or town. Semi-public pools are found in motels, apartment complexes, etc.

Hotel & Motel Inspections

Hotels and motels are inspected at least annually to assure compliance with the following:

  • Clean bedding after each guest
  • Floors, walls and ceilings are cleaned after each guest
  • Smoke detectors work properly
  • Hot and cold water is available
  • Soap and clean towels are in each room
  • Proper cleaning and disinfecting is practiced by the maintenance staff
  • Window screens are in place and in good working order

Mobile Home & RV Park Inspections

Owners of Mobile Home/RV Parks are required to have permits and to have their facilities inspected by the Health Department for cleanliness and compliance with state regulations on an annual basis.

Refuse Haulers & Septic Tank Pumping Inspections

Businesses operating either refuse hauling or septic inspection and pumping services are required to have a permit and to have their vehicles inspected by the Health Department on an annual basis.