"S" Services

School Districts

Graham County has a total of 9 school districts along with 3 private schools and 3 charter schools. The County School Superintendent provides administrative assistance to the public school districts only. The County School Superintendent does not preside or hold jurisdiction over the school districts. Districts are run by their community elected governing boards. You can find a listing of all schools online.

Septic Permits

Environmental Staff issue permits and inspect the installation and repair of conventional on-site wastewater systems otherwise known as septic systems. The permit process includes the review of construction plans, a soil evaluation, interim and final construction inspections. Upon completion, a final record of the system is developed, forwarded to the property owner and maintained by the Health Department as a permanent record. Property owners who are unable to locate their existing systems or installation records for the purpose of repair, service or a real estate sale, may contact the Health Department for assistance in locating the record. Complaints with regard to the operation of septic systems, including failures are also investigated. Contact our Graham County Environmental Health Services for a permit and more information.

Septic Tank Pumping Inspections

Businesses operating either refuse hauling or septic inspection and pumping services are required to have a permit and to have their vehicles inspected by the Health Department on an annual basis. Contact our Graham County Environmental Health Services for more information.

Senior Property Taxes

A Senior Property Valuation Protection Option Application is used to freeze application year Full Cash Value Only of a primary residence owned by seniors, based on income and age. The VALUATION for your home will be frozen as long as the owner remains eligible. TAXES WILL not BE FROZEN. Property taxes will continue to be levied at the same rate as all other properties in the taxing district.


Adult softball leagues are coordinated through the Graham County Parks, Fair and Racing Office with mens slow pitch and coed slow pitch leagues sign-up beginning in April. Leagues run from June through September for both. For current contact information on youth or adult leagues please contact our Parks Office.

Spaying & Neutering

Veterinarians prices on spaying and neutering animals from the County animal Shelter are listed online.

Subdivision Restrictions

It is the responsibility of the Owner, Subdivider or Developer to comply with the regulations as outlined in the Development Sections Article 6.0 Developments of the Graham County Planning and Zoning Ordinance. For more information please contact the Planning and Zoning Department.

Swimming Pool Inspections

Public and semi-public swimming pools and spas are inspected periodically to ensure these facilities are operated safely and water quality is being maintained within public health standards. Public pools are usually owned and operated by a city or town. Semi-public pools are found in motels, apartment complexes, etc. Contact our Graham County Environmental Health Services for more information.