Be A Poll Worker

It's easy, fun and allows you to serve your community. If you are a part time employee, retired citizen or have a flexible schedule being a poll worker might be just right for you.

A poll worker must:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Attend training classes
  • Be a Citizen of the United States
  • Not convicted of a felony or treason
  • Registered to vote in Graham County
  • Work from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A poll worker may not:

  • Be on the ballot or a relative of a person on the ballot in the precinct you are working in
  • Leave the polling place after being sworn in

Poll Worker Positions & Duties

Each polling place has an Inspector, 2 Judges and 2 Clerks. Duties and responsibility vary according to the position. Duties can include supervising operations, setting up and dismantling the polling place, assisting voter with special needs, ID requirements, ballot selection and changes to voter registration and delivering ballots and results to the Central Count Center.


  • Training Class: $10
  • Election Day: $110 to $125 depending on position

Call Graham County Elections at 928-792-5037 for details.