Voter Information

One of our most precious rights as an American is the right to vote. The importance of this cannot be overstated. The leaders of our nation, state, county and cities are chosen by our vote. If we do not register to vote and cast our vote, we give up the chance to weigh in on who our leaders will be. We also give up the chance to let them know who we are, what we care about and what we want them to do.

Prior To Election Day

You can help us provide better service at the polls by contacting the County Recorder before election day at 928-428-3560:

  • If your information has changed
  • If your name has changed
  • To verify you are registered
  • To verify your address

Thank You!

Equal Access To The Polls

Accessible voting machines are available at all Vote Centers / Polling locations in Graham County. For more information please contact the Election Department at 928-792-5037. If you need assistance please ask one of the Poll Workers.