Fair Book & Entry Forms

Ferris Wheel

2019 Fair Book

  • 2019 Fair Book will be available in September.

Welcome to the Fair

Times are changing and Graham County would like to keep up!  Please use our On-line Entry Form below.

On-line Fair Entries

We hope to make this entire process easy for everyone involved.  If you are experiencing difficulty in filling out the on-line entry form please contact our office at 928-428-7180 for assistance.

Miss Indian Ft. Thomas

Event Forms

These links will become active as the forms become available.

  • Antarctica Frozen T-Shirt Competition (PDF)
  • 5K Race Through The Airport (PDF)
  • Baggage Claim Grocery Grab & Carry (Sign up at the Fair Office)
  • Family Sweepstakes (PDF)
  • Horse Shoe Tournament (PDF)
  • Run Way Diaper Derby (PDF)
  • Talent Show (PDF)


Parade line-up begins at the Safford Courthouse and ends at Chase Bank.

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