Dog Park Rules

Hours: Daily 6:00 am. to 11:00 p.m.

Dog Park Location Map (PDF)

This facility is managed by the Graham County Parks and Recreation Department for your enjoyment and benefit.  As a user of this facility please understand that you're responsible for yourself and your dog.  Please abide by all rules.

  1. Please open 1 entry gate at a time and close all gates behind you.
  2. Limit of 3 dogs per owner.  Please do not bring more dogs than you can control at one time.
  3. Dog owners must stay in the off-leash area within view of their dogs and have leash in hand at all times.
  4. Dog waste must be cleaned up by dog owners.  Keep the park clean!
  5. All dogs must wear collars with a visible and current license/ID and must be vaccinated.
  6. Puppies under (4) months old are prohibited from entering the park.
  7. Female dogs in heat are prohibited.  Spayed or neutered pets recommended.
  8. Healthy dogs only.  Please do not bring dogs with diseases, worms, fleas, etc.
  9. No spiked, prong or pinch collars in play area.
  10. Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior must be leashed and removed immediately.  Aggressive dogs are not permitted on the premises.
  11. Leash laws apply outside the boundaries of the off leash area.
  12. Any non dog related use such as biking, skateboarding and other human recreation activities are prohibited.
  13. All children must be accompanied by an adult and strictly supervised.  Children running or chasing dogs will be asked to leave.
  14. No food, drink, or glass containers allowed in the park.  No smoking within fenced area.
  15. No animals other than dogs are permitted in the park.
  16. Owners, please fill in any holes your dog digs or repair any damage done by your pet to the park.
  17. Police and animal control officers can ticket and fine anyone who fails to comply with the above rules.

This park accommodates unleashed animals.  Animals by nature act on instinct.  By entry you have made the decision to assume all legal and equitable risk and liability associated with injury to yourself, any invitee, and any other person or thing in your care.  Including damage and injury caused by the acts of other users and their animals.

Dog Park


POLICE (928) 428-0808

ANIMAL CONTROL (928) 348-6676