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Talk About Mental Health
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  1. Postpartum Support International-logo

    FDA Approval Of Zuranolone

    On Friday, August 4th, the FDA approved a new drug to treat Postpartum Depression, with results being seen as soon as 3 days – much quicker than other prescription medications available on the market today. Additional Info...
  2. Forbes Well Beings purple words on black background

    7 Pillars For Transforming Mental Health And Substance Abuse Care

    As of February 2023, more than 30% of adults in the United States report symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. Additional Info...
  1. Commenting Choices-Group of kids texting

    How Do We Teach Our Kids To Make Good Commenting Choices?

    "Don't read the commennts" doesn't fly with kids! These quick tips can help kids be responsible commenters who make good choices when you're not around. Additional Info...
  2. Phone Etiquette-Young Black girl texting

    Cell Phone Etiquette For Kids

    Kids (and their phones) these days! When it comes to cell phone etiquette, here are 10 things that they need to know. Additional Info...
  1. Kids Safe-Hands texting

    How Do I Keep Kids Safe On Social Media?

    We can't watch our older kids 24/7, but we can keep them safer on social media by following these 9 really helpful tips and ideas you may not have considered. Additional Info...
  1. Screenshot This-Yellow background with fun words

    17 Of The Riskiest Social Apps For Kids

    What are the risky apps that you should look out for on your kids' phones and tablets? Here are 17, for starters. Additional Info...
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