I am too busy to go to court. Can I use the MAIL or the INTERNET?

Yes, you can use either or both.   Throughout this internet site there are forms you can print and return in person or by mail, to indicate your “appearance” option (Responsible / Not-responsible / Traffic School).  If your written response is either Not Responsible or Traffic School, the paper will serve as your appearance and you do not then have to come into court on that date.   The court staff will take your paper response and work out a schedule with you.

If your response is “Responsible” you will need to make the payment in some manner.  See options below.

For example;

  1. If you are pleading responsible, the site contains information on how you can use “EZ-Track” on the internet, to register and pay on-line, or alternatively to send payment to the court by mail, thus avoiding any need to actually walk into the court itself.   (see ticket options)
  2. If you are pleading Not responsible, these forms can be sent to the court that also qualify as your appearance, which can be sent in by internet or mail.   Thereafter, you will soon be sent back a notice of the date/time for your traffic hearing (like a small trial), normally set for about 30 days later.   For that hearing you will normally be present.  (see ticket options)
  3. Alternatively, information found here will show you how to register on-line or by phone to attend traffic school (which may get your ticket dismissed).   That too would alleviate any need for you to come into the court.  (see ticket options)

However, you can always walk into court at any time if you prefer, and/or hire an attorney to appear for you.

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