May we deposit funds with the Treasurer’s Office?

No, you may not.

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1. When is the next Tax Lien Sale?
2. Where will the sale be held?
3. What are the hours of the sale?
4. Where can I obtain the list of the parcels being offered at the sale?
5. Can anyone bid at the sale?
6. How do I register to bid?
7. Does the Treasurer’s Office accept personal checks for payment of bid purchase?
8. May we deposit funds with the Treasurer’s Office?
9. What do the certificates cost the investor?
10. If all prior years must be re-assigned at the tax lien sale, what will the interest rate be?
11. Does the Treasurer’s Office help in researching parcel information?
12. If the bidder overpays, when is a refund issued?
13. What if a bidder underpays?
14. If a foreclosure is necessary, will the county assist in this proceeding?
15. Where can I obtain copies of the Arizona Revised Statutes pertaining to tax liens?
16. What is the difference between a Tax Lien Sale and a Tax Deed Sale?