I have a citation. What do I do next?

If your violation is marked “CRIMINAL” skip down to “Criminal Charge” below.

If your violation is marked “CIVIL” continue here.  

All traffic citations have a date written on them, by which you must “appear.”  Appear means that you let us know what you want to do about the citation.

Look down by the officer’s signature for “appear on  __-__-20_.”  You may appear on or before that date and the clerks can help you do that when you tell them how you wish to proceed.

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1. I have a citation. What do I do next?
2. When is my court date?
3. What if I can’t appear on my court date?
4. What if I don’t appear?
5. How do I request a hearing to challenge my ticket?
6. What happens at the civil traffic hearing?
7. Can I get the citation dismissed?
8. How much is my fine?
9. What happens if I don’t pay?
10. What if I can’t pay my fine in full?
11. How can I pay my fine?
12. Where can I mail my payment?
13. Payments, and Non-Payment Sanctions
14. I am too busy to go to court. Can I use the MAIL or the INTERNET?
15. What does the law say about my violation?
16. What does this do to my driving record?
17. Can I talk to the judge?
18. If I want to "fight" the ticket, what do I do?
19. Can I attend Defensive Driving School (DDS)?
20. Criminal Charge - What happens at my first appearance?