Can I split my property?

No additional splits are allowed in a recorded subdivision.

According to ARS 11.831: It is unlawful for a person or group of persons acting in concert to attempt to avoid this section of the subdivision laws of this state by acting in concert to divide a parcel of land into six or more lots or sell or lease six or more lots by using a series of owners or conveyances.

 An application to split a parcel of land shall be approved if:

  • The lots, parcels, or fractional interests each meet the minimum applicable county zoning requirements of the applicable zoning designation.
  • The applicant provides a survey that demonstrates legal and physical access to the lots, parcels or fractional interests, that is traversable by a two-wheel drive passenger motor vehicle.
  • The applicant reserves the necessary and appropriate utility easements to serve each lot, parcel, or fractional interest created by the land division.

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