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  1. Contact Us - Assessor
  1. Request a Presentation

    All community groups, organizations or service clubs may request a presentation from our Graham County Assessor, Darlene Alder. The... More…


  1. Contact Us - Scott Bennett
  2. Victim Services Evaluation Survey

    The Graham County Attorney's Victim / Witness Program is committed to providing excellent services to victims of crime. Because you... More…

  1. Contact Us - Victim Witness

Board of Supervisors

  1. Contact Us - Danny Smith

    Board of Supervisors District #3

  2. Contact Us - Felicia Fohr

    Accounts Payable

  3. Contact Us - Julie Rodriguez

    Chief Financial Officer

  4. Contact Us - Paul David

    Board of Supervisors District #1

  1. Contact Us - Dustin Welker
  2. Contact Us - John Howard

    Board of Supervisors District #2

  3. Contact Us - Maryssa Sanchez

    Payroll Specialist


  1. Contact Us - Hannah Duderstadt
  2. Poll Worker Request Form

    "Be a Poll Worker" Please submit the following information if you would like to become a Poll Worker. You must be a resident of... More…

  1. Graham County Candidate Packet

Health Department

  1. Contact Us - Brian Douglas
  2. Contact Us - Kathy Lawson
  3. Contact Us - Melissa Lunt
  4. Graham County Community Resource Directory

    Welcome to the Graham County Community Resource Directory. The purpose of this directory is to connect members of the Graham County... More…

  1. Contact Us - Gavin Lawson
  2. Contact Us - Lisa Masten
  3. Contact Us - Rosa Contreras


  1. Contact Us - Cindi Orr
  1. Tax Lien Sale Bidder Registration Form

    The tax lien sale provides for the payment of delinquent real property taxes by an investor.