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1. Who can register to vote?
2. Where can I get a registration form?
3. When am I registered to vote?
4. When do I have to re-register?
5. How do I get a new voter identification card if I lost mine?
6. What does the mention “PND” on my voter registration card means?
7. When is the last day I can register to vote and can I change my name or address before an election?
8. When is a voter registration cancelled?
9. When is a voter placed on the inactive voter registration list?
10. How do I know where to vote?
11. When will I receive my sample ballot?
12. What hours are the polls open?
13. Can I vote in the Primary Election if I have registered as an independent?
14. Where can I find information on the ballot issues?
15. Where can I find election results?
16. If I didn’t vote in the Primary Election, can I vote in the General Election?
17. What congressional and legislative district (s) is Graham County in?
18. Where do I drop off my Early Ballot on election day?
19. What is an official write-in candidate?