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1. Do I need a building permit?
2. How can I get a building permit?
3. What is the fee for a building permit?
4. What happens if I build without a permit?
5. What setbacks do I need to allow when I build?
6. How can I get septic approval/clearance?
7. How do I get a septic tank?
8. How do I request an inspection?
9. What is my property zoned?
10. How do I split my property?
11. Am I allowed to have horses on my property?
12. Can I camp on my vacant property?
13. Can I live in an RV on my vacant property?
14. Can I move a manufactured home onto my property?
15. What is my parcel number?
16. Where do I go to get a burn permit?
17. Where can I find groundwater permitting and well information?
18. How do I file a complaint about a property?